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Prof. ALi & Prof Gallop

Welcome to the Desk of Professor Rahman Ali,
Over the years of developing UPKU DO, Professor Rahman All and Professor
Gallop Franklin have finally developed a total system to call their own (BLACK
LION international Martial Arts)! We are the owners of UPKU DO and any of the
professed names of any kind.
The acronym for UPKU DO is Upping, Knowledge, Unique, and To Work at.
UPKU DO was founded by Grandmaster, Professor Rahman Ali. Professor Ali
founded this system of Martial Arts in 1993. The only true Grandmasters of this
Art to date are as follows... Professor Rahman Ali and Professor Gallop Franklin.
The elite 8th DAN is the highest rank in UPKU DO. (Any honorary above said
ranking is not recognized of any kind in instructing UPKU DO). UPKU DO's elite
Dans are Grandmaster Rahman Ali and Grandmaster Gallop Franklin.

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Professor Ali is certified in an array of Martial Art styles. His system of martial art was certified through the Shinjimasu international Martial Arts Association in San Diego, California by Grandmaster Charles A. Dixon, founder of Shaolin Goju Art. Grandmaster Ali is a graduate of the Shinjimasu College of
Martial Arts in San Diego, CA, where he received his Doctorate of Martial Arts degree. Grandmaster Ali became one of the USA Directors of the American Martial Arts International Alliance by Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez, founder of the San-Jitsu Art. Professor Ali is also a Certified Fitness instructor. He is the
President of the YIELD Foundation (Youth institute for Education Leadership and Development), founded in 1997. Grandmaster Ali is also the founder of The United Pro Karate Union (UPKU), founded in 1993.

  He is currently spearheading and operating the headquarters of the
Martial Arts Federation, Sports Quest international inc., and the YIELD Foundation along with Professor Gallop Franklin, who currently operates the Tallahassee, FL branch along with his wife,  daughter and son.

  Grandmaster Rahman Ali is a Jacksonville, Florida native. He was born July 31, 1960 in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. H is a 1978 high school graduate and a 1993 graduate of the College of Martial Arts.He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters and four sons. He is supported by a beautiful wife, Mrs. Nelrae Pasha Ali.

  At the age of 10, Grandmaster Ali was introduced to Judo at the Riverside YMCA in Jacksonville, FL. At 16, he was under the instruction of Grandmaster Song Ki Pak in 1989 and received his first master belt from Grandmaster Song Ki Pak in 1990, He was appointed to the Oriental system of Karate: Japanese Okinawan
division of the American Martial Arts Alliance.December 11, 1993 in San Diego, CA, Mr. Rahman Ali was appointed to the rank of 7th Dan Black Belt in the Art of Goju. Under his Grandmaster, Shinjimasu International Martial Arts Association (SIMA) and he was appointed Regional President in the State of Florida.
Grandmaster Rhaman Ali was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame May 15, 1993 where he received the Life Achievement Award for the creation of UPKU DO. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed Sokeship by Grandmaster Charles A. Dixon of Shinjimasu UPKU DO in 1994; and Grandmaster
Frank Sanchez in 1995. Grandmaster Ali is known as one of the world’s best kick boxers, a champion tournament player, member of the world Head of Family Sokeship Council .

Professor Gallop Franklin started his martial arts training in 1963. He currently holds a ninth degree black belt in Goju karate, a fifth Dan black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a eighth Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do, an eighth Dan black belt in Nisei Goju, and an eighth Dan in UPKU DO. He has also studied Hapkido, Jujitsu, Hung Gar kung Fu, Wing Chun, kickboxing, boxing, and grappling. He is a graduate of the Shinjimasu College of Martial Arts in San Diego, CA, where he received his Doctorate of Martial Arts degree.