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What is UPKU DO?
Black Lion- a member of a major/ national and international service
International- and organization within the International communities
UP- Upping/ to improve or to increase
K- Knowledge in an array of Martial Arts
U- Unique being the only one
DO- to perform/to work at
Martial Art- Experienced Warrior (any of several arts of combat)
Federation- signifies the power of the circle which is governed by the Black Lion
International Martial Arts Federation.
Black Lion Martial Arts is a modem style of Martial Art that was developed
in 1993 and completed in 2011 by Professor, Grandmaster Rahman Ali and
Professor, Grandmaster Gallop Franklin.
Black Lion Martial Arts is:
*A totally scientific approach to self-defense.
*A realistic and effective discipline of personal protection.
*A dynamic and flexible program of learning techniques from different
Martial Arts.
*The result of over 90 years of combined Martial Arts study, research,
application, between Professor Ali and Professor Franklin.

The Combat UPKU DO
Combat UPKU DO was created to be the answer for those martial artist
who were looking for a dynamic, practical, self- defense system that produces
effective results in realistic situations.

Our Goals are:
• To provide you with valuable products and services at reasonable fees to
you as a member.
• To develop you to the most practical, realistic and effective science of self-
• To help you as a sincere martial arts artist, grow professionally and receive
deserved recognition.
• To stimulate learning, research, to you and exchange your time for the
knowledge we have for you.
How Can BLACK LION UPKU DO benefit me?
• It can/will expand your knowledge of scientific self defense
• Be a member of a strong, progressive, internationally respected
organization such as Shinjimasu international Martial Arts Association
• Soon thereafter master the BLACK LION style of Martial Arts
• To improve your knowledge regarding the various styles of martial arts
lf you agree with our mission statement, share our philosophy and if you
honestly want to improve your techniques, and become more professionally
successful, and advance in rank...
The BLACK LION international UPKU DO Martial Arts Federation is ready to
help you achieve your goals.
You are cordially invited to become a member of the fastest growing martial
arts schools in Florida. Location: Jacksonville, FL and the Capitol city...
Tallahassee, FL
Thank you for your interest in the BLACK LION style of Martial Arts Federation.